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Radio Frequency (RF) Shielded Cabinet - 600W 1200D 45U

SKU: ECX-RFC-61445-1P2X20

The RF Shielded Cabinet provides industry-leading radio frequency shielding technology, isolating interference with outside equipment and networks. The enclosure is designed with a standard 45U rack height and 1200mm depth to go within a proper form fit and function for the unit. The cabinet is designed to be bayed together with other cabinets and seismically anchored. The cabinet enclosure comes with standard square punched rails allowing for easy deployment of any type of device.

More Information
Net Weight 771lbs (350kg)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 600mm x 1303mm x 2254mm
Usable Height 42U
Weight Capacity (static load) 3300lbs (1500kg)
Weight Capacity (dynamic load) 2650lbs (1200kg)
Minimum Mounting Depth 5.4in (137mm)
Maximum Mounting Depth 39in (990mm)
Shipping Options Crate
More Information
Roof Solid roof with optional power filter and I/O panel
Front Door Five replaceable honeycomb particle intake filters
Rear Door Ten (10) 230 CFM fans
Bottom Solid bottom with optional power filter and I/O panel
Mounting Rail Kit 1 set of 4 rails
Vertical PDU Bars 4 (2 sets of 2)
Casters 3in (76.2mm)
Mounting Hardware Yes
More Information
Safety Compliance UL-2416; CAN/CSA 60950-1-07
EMC Compliance Yes
Environmental Compliance RoHS
IP Rating IP20
Other Standards CE&UL
Other Certifications ANSI C63.2, IEEE-299-1997
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Product Features

  • Power Conditioning: A special power conditioning unit is deployed on top of the enclosure allowing external power source to be brought inside the unit without affecting the RF shielding performance. Available for single phase and three phase circuits.
  • Cooling: 10x fans allows for the heat to be exhausted at a rapid pace out of the enclosure.
  • Specialized Products The RF Shielded Cabinet uses specialized products and components to allow it to produce the best shielding capabilities. Special types of grounding accessories are also provided with the cabinet.
  • Mobility Rack: Deploy up to 1,000 mobile devices in a single rack that incorporates compute, storage, networking, and power resources. Sliding shelves include trays that hold mobile devices in place and pull out completely for easy access to all devices in the tray.
  • Customizable I/O: Customizable I/O panels allow for signal and fiber connectivity.


  • Mobility products which require wireless attenuation
  • Mobile device farms for rapid app testing
  • Strict PCI Compliance
  • Isolation of sensitive data from emergent threats including EMI and power analysis side channels
  • Segregation of wireless networks; In-rack wireless networks

RF Shielded Cabinet Benefits

  • Sensitive Data Protection: The RF Shielded Cabinet is ideal for device testing that requires wireless attenuation and for cases in which sensitive data must be isolated to meet security and regulatory requirements.
  • Radio Frequency Shielding: Specialized gaskets at the seams and doors maintain shielding effectiveness.
  • Plug-and-Play: The RF Shielded Cabinet can be deployed quickly and easily in virtually any environment allowing fast uptime for device testing.